Will you carry me?
For I have carried you!
I have taken away your pain.
I have wiped away all of your tears.
I've lead you through your world of chaos and brought you safely to the other side.
When you needed help, I came to your aid.
Your eyes told me of your suffering.
They showed me your pain.
You bore your soul to me, and I glimpsed a part of the war within yourself.
Your eyes are swolen, for you have cried for days.
Your laughter has left you, and all that stayed behind was misery and a broken heart.
For you it seemed that your path had nowhere to go.
To you, it was the end of days.
I felt your suffering that day, and I came to you.
To help you up
To brush off the dirt from your clothes
To clean your face
And to comfort you
The day when you saw that there was someone who cared, you regained your will to live.
You found yourself again.
But the day when I was alone inside
The day when I fell apart.
The day when I called for help
I plunged to the ground, and felt a shadow above me.
It was you!
Have you come to aid me?
I reached for you with a flickering of hope, just to be crushed with a stare of disgust.
You turned and walked away, and my hope turned to dust. 
A best friends betrail, can break trust forever.

Your Father is with you

I know what you feel
I know your thoughts
I know the pain you carry with you
I know what's inside your heart
You feel lost
You carry the world on your shoulders
You feel that God has left your side
You feel God has never listened to you cry and scream
You feel that God has deserted you
You're wrong
God has never left your side
For He is your Father, and He will always watch over you
His hand will always rest on your shoulder
His mighty power and protection, will always be around you
And every tear that has fallen from your cheek, He has caught, and wiped away
God will never let any harm come to you, for He is your shield
God will give you the strenght to fight when needed, for He is your sword
He is waiting on your doorstep
He is waiting for you to let Him into your home
When you allow Him to walk into your life, He will also walk into your heart
The day when you decide to let Him enter, your troubles will vanish
Do not be afraid, for God your Father is with you